Top 23 Best Comedy Anime that Make You Laugh of All Time

It turns out that besides the genre of romance, anime is also very popular with the genre comedy

For those who want to find the anime comedy, it's good stopping by here because in here I will share some of the good comedy anime of all time.

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Check this out:

Binbougami Ga!

How would it be if there are people who have very high luck and even to absorb other people's luck?

Sakura Ichiko is a girl who has an incredible level of luck and creating an imbalance in the world. In order to restore the balance of the world, God of poverty, Momiji, try to take the Fortune belonging to Sakura.

This task is very hard for the God of Poverty which had low levels of good fortune,but he did not give up. However by the presence of the God of poverty this, anime Binbougami Ga! make the audience laugh.

Azumanga Daioh

The story of this anime originated from Chiyo Mihama who started as the new kid in high school. She has a body as small as 10 years. The story is simple, where the high school girls live their lives every day.

The comedy in this anime very entertaining the audience by using a facial face and story are absurd. Maybe a little annoying some audience, but the cuteness in this anime is very entertaining us all.

Seitokai Yakuindomo

Best Ecchi Comedy I have seen ever. Senior High School Ousai newly opened for men, formerly this is a special Senior High School girls. In his first year as a mixed school (guys and girls), certainly, not many male disciples entered.

Tsuda Takatoshi decided to get into the school because of one reason, not the reason he wants a harem or anything, but because it is close to his home.

Comedy shown in this anime it's very phenomenal, which grazed the adult words.


Gintama tells the story of a samurai in the Edo era, but one day the Edo was attacked and conquered by aliens called Amanto clan.

In the colonialism, clan Amanto much resistance especially the samurai, but that win this fight is Clan Amanto. Since colonized, clan Amanto prohibits the existence of Samurai and forbade them carrying a sword to prevent resistance.

One day, a young boy named Shimura Shinpachi was looking for a way to become a Samurai, and he met Gintoki Sakata, a former Samurai but still carry a wooden sword. See opposition to Clan Amanto making Shinpanchi got motivated and want to be a follower of Samurai Gintoki.

What's interesting from this anime?

This anime a lot of parody as parodied popular anime, such as Naruto, One Piece, Kuroko No Basuke, etc.

This anime also has a story is absurd. All genres in anime also very complete, Romance, harem, Ecchi, Action, Mecha, Adventure, Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, Game, Harem, Historical, Horror, Magic, Martial arts, Military, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Superpower, Supernatural, Thriller.

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

This anime tells the story of a high school student in daily. There is no specific goal where the direction of the story flow because the purpose of this anime just for comedy are wont to do when high school.
And as well as making us laugh, this anime is also great success made us reminisce how beautiful those times in High School used to be.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

This anime takes place in a school setting which divided his students into a class based on the level of wit and cleverness.
I mean, it's filled by A class of people who are intelligent while the class F it's filled by people who are stupid.
Any class of each different facilities, class A has amenities such as a 5-star hotel while class F only has arguably easily damaged and easily fallen.
The story itself revolves around the kids class F which are fed up with the conditions of its class that are of concern and trying to beat the other classes of kids to get a better class of facility.


Almost similar to Koukousei Danshi no Nichijou. This anime tells the story of everyday life in high school.
However the story is pretty weird and absurd, like the presence of the robot, the robot was made by a small child was 9 years old, the cat could talk, and others.

Cromartie High School

Tell about the life of Takashi Kamiyama who recently signed up to a High School thug. There must remain rigid Kamiyama living his new life, he must be like a rabbit that resides between the Lions.
Comedy in this anime it's very absurd. A lot of funny stories that exist in the anime is going on in our everyday life, such as trolling people on Internet, Brawl, races of the wild, etc.
A great many students are strange in this anime, such as Gorilla, aliens, robots, and even a robot toy. They are students who can make an audience laugh, we talk of logic only where there is a Gorilla school.


Anime Sket-Dance similar to the anime Gintama, they have a mission to help people that are different, but the trouble is that they help people as you wish and do not expect rewards.
Background setting that is in the anime is in all schools. With the behavior and comedy that is in the anime this anime, I recommend this one.


Mitsudomoe tells the story of three female kindergarten which is mutually contradictory; quiet and clever but sadistic, vivacious and energetic but easy are fooled, like rage and feel most smart but always get shit.
The three of them always just make their teachers are overwhelmed,  one of the funniest scene is when the war of the world of pissing.

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro Chan

The anime Bokusatsu comedy that also features absurd and too sadistic. Anime is able to make us laugh not because the words that leveled but with the behavior of the characters in this anime.
In addition, there are some romantic scenes that are in the anime so suitable for those wishing to see also the anime comedy which also there is romance.

D- Frag!

Kazama Kenji, a high school student who has a gang. But when they entered high school, his gang is merely a lowly Gangs because he felt bored, Kazama tries to be a normal student.
Until one day he met Shibasaki Roka, accidentally meet at the front gate of the school when Roka spreading leaflets.
One time accidentally Kazama saw smoke emerging from a room, he tried to put out the fire that was there in the room.
It turns out that the fire was coming from the Fireworks that ignited the Game Maker members. They are the Karasuyama Chitose, Sakura Mizukami, Oosawa Minami, and Roka Shibasaki as Chairman of her club.
This is where life Kazama is different and full of comedy.

Golden Boy

Kintarou Oe does not look like an ordinary person, but he was a genius who complete all university lectures and then quit before graduating.
He was a student of the wild, going from one place to another with the bike. He liked his life challenging, therefore he traveled the world.
He was also attracted to the woman, her travels to various locations get different women, each girl he met learning to love him as a hard worker, and it is sometimes difficult for Kintarou to go.

Yuru yuri

Yuru yuri had a comedy involving one of his character being made fun that results in the audience laughed.
Not only that, the story and the unusual facial can make an audience laugh, so suited to watch for those who like comedy.
There are some scenes that very approaching yuri, but that all doesn't matter because the comedy here is so incredible.

Hataraku Maou-Sama!

Anime genre action comedy that also this one is indeed different from the anime action in General. This anime take on the story from another dimension heading to Earth and retrieve the current modernization of the era.
Starting from an island called Isla Ente, who at the time of the ongoing war between the human race against the devil. Because it was not possible to win the King of the demons decided to run off into another dimension.
On the other hand, to make sure the King of Satan is dead, a hero named Emilia, follow suit headed to Earth.
And begins the story funny and exciting on earth that are livable.

Arakawa Under The Bridge

Ichinomiya Kou, a young man who has the principle ' do not ever indebted to anyone '. But one day, he loses his pants and fell into the river Arakawa.
The incident made him indebted to forced girl inadvertent, Nino. The incident made him indebted to forced girl inadvertent, Nino.
To repay the kindness of Nino, Kou was forced to obey the desires of the strangely vowed to ' experience the love ' Then begins a new life  Kou together with Nino in under bridge.

Great Teacher Onizuka

Eikichi Onizuka, 22-year old youth who was the former leader of the notorious motorcycle gang named the Onibaku.
Onizuka wanted to become a teacher because he wanted to be surrounded beautiful women (harem) that exist in school, a wish that was distorted.
Long story short, Onizuka becomes a classroom for home room inhabited smart kids but very mischievous.
This class previously drove a lot of home room, and most home room into depression and stress because of their misbehavior. The uniqueness of this anime is located at Onizuka method in Taming his unruly.
A learning method of Onizuka is indeed chaotic and more likely to play a lot, but outside the classroom teacher Onizuka is the figure of the incredible emotional and psychological approach on his disciples.

Prison School

Best comedy ecchi I have seen ever. Hachimitsu schools, namely the school specifically women who are known to be very strict and disciplined in Tokyo.
The school system is slightly modified in the new academic year the school received the registration of male students. but eventually, only 5 male students who enroll in schools, Namely Kiyoshi Fujiro and 4 of his friends.
Prison School also the anime Comedy Romance.

Sora no Otoshimono

Sakurai Tomoki a teenage Maniac pantsu. One day he has a strange dream about an Angel, an Angel told him to come to Tomoki.
A few days later the dream true, there are angels fell just in front of Tomoki. The Angel or called Angeloid named Ikaros became domesticated Tomoki, Ikaros have objects that can grant a petition.
Tomoki always used for things that are #IYKWIM. This is where the story of comedy ecchi will be shown.

Himouto Umaru-Chan

Anime coming out 2015 i.e. "Himouto Umaru-Chan". Umaru is students who are smart, beautiful, clever in things like sports and music.
That's the view of everyone against Umaru. But when Umaru back home in her apartment all it turned 100%
Instantly he became the lazy girl, love to play games, drinking cola and watching anime. Only brother Umaru who know the original character of the Umaru.

One Punch Man

A very popular anime and best comedy action in the year 2015. Saitama, a human that was once common childhood want to be heroes, one day Saitama helped a child who wanted to be destroyed by the monsters who did not intend to do so.
A lot of ridiculous and hilarious happenings on each Episode One Punch man. This anime is also popular because of the meme, "Every single day!!! 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and 10 KM running".

Servant X Service

This anime tells the story of employees set in an Office of the Ministry of people's welfare. Hasebe, Yamagami and Miyoshi, all three of these employees have a unique character.
Hasebe who has a character like lazing at work and often lingering in but the most clever. Miyoshi who has a character a bit timid who always have customers Granny.

How would the new members later?

Sakamoto Desu Ga!

A very popular anime and best one of comedy in the year 2016.

Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto.

Sakamoto, students who have a lot of styled and never lost to anyone, therefore many friends, teachers or others who do not like his style, but eventually all the people who hate him into love because it never helped or rescued by Sakamoto

Sakamoto Desu Ga! also called Swag-Moto.

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That's some of the best comedy anime that you can watch.

Top 33 Best Romance Anime Of All Time You Must Watch

In life we have love. Everywhere in life, from the movie into anime which tell you about the love.

For those of you (Anime lovers) who will be looking for the list of best romance anime, you can see in this article. I will give you list of the best romance anime movies and series of all time.

This list starts from older anime until anime that recently came out and popular (new anime).

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Here list of best romance anime:

Chrono Crusade

Best Anime Romance of all time

The audience will think that anime is spooky, exciting and cool because Chrono Crusade featuring a couple who always quarrel with each other but when exterminating the demons they cooperate with each other.

Top 13 Best Ecchi Anime: Hard and Harem

Ecchi and harem genres are popular compared with other genres. Everywhere I see an awful lot of people handing out pictures of ecchi in social media, there are also used for profile photos. Therefore, in this article, I will share the hard ecchi anime list I have ever watched.

Top 15 Best Hard Ecchi anime:

High School DxD

Best hard ecchi - High School Dxd

One of the best anime Ecchi Harem, where Our Hero, Hyodou Issei are ideals to be the King's Harem (people who are surrounded by a lot of girls, and he was its King, well Though in the real world such a thing will not happen, except if the person is a lot of money)

Shinmai Maou no Testament

Best harem - shinmai maou no testament

Tells the story of a race of gods (Hero) and Satan. Basara is a hero "wasted", he had two adopted younger sister, namely Naruse Mio and Maria.

Naruse Mio was orphaned of his parents were killed by a group of people who disagree with Paternity Mio intend to make peace between the hero and the devil.

Seikon no Qwaser

Oppai ecchi - Seikon no Qwaser

Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe, a girl who has a close friendship and mutual help to each other. they are not liked by the other students in his school.

One day they find a young Russian named Alexander Nikolaevich Hell (he was called Sasha).
They all ended up stuck between Church war over the "Theotokos of Tsaritsyn" fromAthos who want to keep their existence a secret from the world icon.

Sasha helps both with the power of a Qwaser, namely the Qwaser of iron. The strength of the Qwaser Sasha could be raised by way of sucking up the fluid that is in the OPPAI of a virgin girl who called with soma.

Yosuga no sora

Yosuga no sora - Brother sister

Haruka and Sora Kasugano leaving Tokyo to return to the village where they both grew up. In remote places that, turns out to be a romantic story in the life of Haruka starts. He found love with a daughter of a rich family, Kazuha, pastor of the shrine of a local girl, Akira, its a year older, Nao, and even his own sister, Sora.

Manyuu Hikenchou

Manyuu Hikenchou - best large oppai

The anime tells the story of Manyuu Chifusa, who opposed the rule that "for people who have large OPPAI should be cut, only the nobles alone should have had a big OPPAI.

Then Chifusa to steal the secret Scrolls on how to enlarge the "OPPAI" of secret particular reply.
But she was shot by his own brother, Kagefusa Manyuu upon escape brings the Secret Scrolls. How about the fate of the Chifusa is he dead?? And, what kind of writing imaginable in the secret Scrolls?

Princess Lover!

Princess lover- romance ecchi

Arima Teppei lost his parents in a traffic accident. His grandfather Isshin adopted him by force and ordered him to succeed the head of Arima Group Corporation. At Shuuhou Gakuen, a high school only for wealthy students, Teppei new life as a celebrity starts

Aki sora

Aki sora - sister brother

Aoi and Sora Aoi, a pair of close siblings who have shared a bond since childhood.
Over time, they each realize the true depth of the love they feel for each other and perfect love in secret.

Golden Boy

Best harem golden boy

Oe Kintaro has a very stupid behavior, he could get people to the plague. People who were around him sometimes upset him because of that stupid behavior, but in his behavior that he is a dumb genius who complete all University courses and then quit before graduating.

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica

Devil in ecchi

The heroes defeat the bad guys. Kindness always wins over evil. The end. Or, at least that's what usually happens. But what happens after the hero back home? Our characters, Akatsuki Ousawa, is to know that sometimes the biggest adventure began after the happily ever after ending.

Dakara Boku Wa, H Ga Dekinai

Dakara boku wa h ga dekai - best oppai

The anime tells the story of a high school student named Kaga super nasty Ryosuke. One day, he met with Lisara lost when you start the mission.
Long story short, he was contracting with Lisara. He did not know the reply I actually Lisara a shinigami.

Prison School

Prison school hard ecchi anime

Hachimitsu school is a special school for talented women, had tremendous potential, very firmly and well disciplined in Tokyo.
The school has just opened registration for men. During registration it was open there were 5 men are able to enter the school. Kiyoshi Fujino is one of the male students who entered the school. The first thing to realize with four other friends is their only five who entered the school. Then, begins the journey of Kiyoshi and his friends at school.

Kiss X Sis

Kiss x sis

Keita Suminoe, a high school student grade 3 who lived with his father and half-sister of the older twin, Ako and Riko.
Ako and Riko often tempting and lustful when Keita at home. Over time they like and fall in love with each other

Top 26 Best Action Anime Series of All Time

Action anime is one that is very much favoured by many people after the romance anime. The interesting thing about anime action was fierce fighting that made audience eager to watch.

If you looking romance anime, check on: Best Romance Anime.

Ok, Let's see action anime list:

Magi Series

It tells about the adventures of a Trio of Moe: Aladdin; Alibaba and Morgiana, they conquered a dungeon, wandering from one Kingdom to another Kingdom, until faced with a mysterious organisation that tries to destroy the world.

Basically, this anime is inspired by the stories of the Arabian Nights (the fabled 1001 nights). Then it is not strange if main character names will sound familiar in the ears of the audience.

FullMetal Alchemist : Brotherhood

This anime tells the story of Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric (ed. & Al) who tried to revive his mother had already died. But unfortunately, their attempts fail.

The body of Ed and Al's left leg is taken as the "entrance fee" because human transmutation is taboo in the science of Alchemy.

Ed panics, he tried hard to return the body of his brother and finally move the spirit of Al into hauberk with paid his right hand.

After the incident, Ed takes a test and pass a State alchemist test as the youngest State alchemist in history and getting the nickname of Fullmetal Alchemist.

From here, their struggle began.


Togame gets tasks from the Shogun to collect 12 strongest sword maker swords famous works, Shikizaki Kiki.

But it turns out that sword has a ' poison ', which can tempt the holder to always have it.

And due to the ' poison ' Togame has twice betrayed by his own servants.

In order to prevent the third betrayal, Togame seeking help to Yusari Mutsue, expert martial artist Kyotouryuu who never uses a sword.

But it turns out Mutsue has long died. Togame else forced to invite boys from Mutsue, Shichika.

This is where the story of the anime story begins, where Shichika Togame wandering and surrounding Japan to collect swords Shikizaki Kiki one by one.


Fate/Zero tell stories about the Holy Grail War, a war between magicians to get the Holy Grail, which purportedly can grant any ask for its owners.

The workings of this war, each sorcerer would call a Knight or hero of them. Totalling 7 Knights, those who call the Knights were the employers of their Knight.

They must mutually destroy each other where survive can have the Grail.


The story is centred around Ryuuta Sakamoto, a young NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and top-ranked players in the game of Btooom!, a combat game online.

One day, he woke up on a tropical island without recalling how he could get there.He saw a figure in the distance and ask for help.

But it turns out that the figure would answer by throwing something at Ryuuta a bomb "BIM".

That's when Ryuuta finally been realised two things: first, his life was in danger, second, he now exists in the world of Btooom


An era where everyone can mind read by technology. The majority of humanity ever do evil feel regret after doing so.

But, to prevent a crime that happened deeper emotional level measurement system, a desire, as well as the psychological state and tendencies which could lead to a crime i.e. Sibyl System.

This is where the story's Pscyho-pass with modern technology starts.

Sword Art Online

Best action anime ever and popular. Game VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online role-playing Game)named Sword Art Online entered Open Beta.

But in the middle of the game, Kayaba Akihiko designers and makers of the game Sword Art Online States that a player will not be logged out before completing the game. To finish the game they must complete 100 dungeon floors and defeat the boss on the last floor.

But it's not as easy as that, because of the dead in the game means death in the real world, which means that their lives have not only lost the Game but also in the real world.

Welcome to Sword Art Online~

Hamatora The Animation

Hamatora The Animation set in a fictional world where there are people who are born with special powers called the Minimum and they are called Minimum Holder.

Nice and Murasaki is Minimum Holder which derive from Facultas Academy, special schools are looking for and developing the ability of the Holder of a Minimum since they were a child.

Nice and Murasaki formed a private detective named Hamatora who completed cases based on client requests.

Of case they handle, slowly revealed that any such cases are related and everything turned out just great scenario is part of the world to change who masterminded by an old acquaintance of theirs.


Guts is a young mercenary who was born from his mother's corpse.

The battlefield is where he's sustaining life. Until at last, he met with Griffith, the leader of a mercenary group, the Band of the Hawk.

Guts joined Griffith. They eventually became a very respected person in the entire Kingdom until one day they fight with an immortal.

They are almost dead, the immortal who was about to kill them, said that friendship Guts and Griffith one time turned into hostility, then finally the immortal is not so kill them both.

Berserk is the only anime of the 1990s who entered in this list, the anime presents something interesting with an in-depth perspective on the story. Existing development makes this anime can be enjoyed.


Weapons traders named Koko Hekmatyar who travelled the world to sell their wares. Weapons traders is a dangerous job that often life threatening. Therefore, to complete each mission main, Koko escorted by a formidable bodyguard who can protect them from any threat of danger.

Anyway, if you a fan of anime action filled with action, then the shootout Jormungand is a worthy watch for you.

Shingeki no Kyojin

Shingeki no Kyojin take place in the fictional world where humans live in a city that is surrounded by a wall which can protect them from terror by the Titans.

The story begins when the appearance of a mysterious titan (Titan's Colossal) whose size is higher than the wall. With expression without sin, Colossal Titan it instantly destroying walls that had protected the human race for centuries.

As a result, the titan-titan that others can freely attack the residents living in the vicinity of the wall. The incident killed many people, one of whom is the mother of main character Jaeger Eren of the anime.

In that tragedy, Eren Jaeger saw her mother chewed by Titan before the eyes of the head itself. Since that time, Eren was determined to revenge and exterminating all the Titans in the world.

Zetsuen no Tempest

The story begins when the Fuwa Aiko found in conditions already lifeless.

10 months has passed, but the police did not find any evidence at all of any kind related to such tragic murder.

As a siscon brother, Mahiro certainly couldn't accept the fact that it has not the discovery of the perpetrator who killed his brother. Therefore, he did contract with a mage that purportedly can help her find the perpetrators of the murder.

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

One night, a mysterious creature shaped like a worm (also called parasyte) came to invade Earth. The creature is able to take over the entire human body by infecting his brain.

Shinichi Izumi is one of the victims of the parasyte. Lucky, parasyte failed to infect the brains of Shinichi and only managed to take over his right hand only.

Ao no Exorcist

The story is set in a fictional world where the world is divided into 2 dimensions, dimensions of Assiah (human) and dimensions of Gehenna (the devil).

Both dimensions it facing each other, but cannot interact with each other (Like a mirror). It's just that, demons can enter the dimensions of Assiah permeates the way the human body.

Until one day, a demon named Astaroth knowing that Rin Okumura (son of the King of demons) live in a church and was raised by an Exorcist.

Do not take a long time, Astaroth and also King of the demons attack the Church in order to bring Rin returned to "globe". The attack was successfully thwarted, but the death of the adoptive father of Rin.

The death left the revenge in the hearts of Rin. Therefore, he decided to become an Exorcist in order that one day could kill the Devil King.

Akame Ga kill

Akame Ga kill is the anime that can be classified as sadistic, almost all the characters from this anime death by sadist way.

Only the main characters just living, namely Akame. While his friends die one by one the other way pretty sadistic.

Akame Ga kill tells the story of an organisation called night raid against the Government because of the prevailing unjust and oppressed people who are weak.


Tells the story of a God who is not known, named Yato. He helped a man and ask for rewards from the man in order to raise money for the temple that he would like to create your own.

One day she was almost hit by a car and rescued by a girl named Hiyori Iki. Since that time the spirit of Hiyori often separated from his body and made him half phantom.

Then Hiyori asks to help him, Yato in order that he can come back as before. But Yato, don't know how to help her. Finally Hiyori so more often follow Yato and frequent dealing with other gods.

To finally be the Hiyori know what gods and who's Yato.

To Aru Kagaku No Railgun

A girl named Mikoto Misaka had the ability to control electricity and has the ability level 5. In this world, humans specially divided into several size level in accordance with the power he had.

Misaka Mikoto was one person with special ability level 5. And his friends along with Misaka had to fight and keep the peace in a city that he lived from the esper and non-esper.

Nanatsu No Taizai

An imperial Princess named Elizabeth Liones was looking for seven legend people (Nanatsu no Taizai). Elizabeth Reviews These seven searches find people to help his Government the which is being colonised by a Knight on his own.

In his first trip, he met with the Chairman of Meliodas i.e. Nanatsu no Taizai but Meliodas do not know anymore where to six of his friends.

Finally they both adventurous for looking into six of his friends, and helping Elizabeth take his Kingdom back.

Log Horizon

This anime is about where the world is changing into the gaming world. The city of Akiba, who had a sunny town that was transformed into a town in the game who have NPC and its inhabitants into a player.

One of the people who enter world game that is Shiro. 2 years before Shiro also ever played the same game called elder tale. So Shiro has a level above items and more. And also the Shiro ever entered into the list of the strongest players.

Finally, he tried to resolve the problems that exist in the world, and aspire to create the world it becomes like the world at large.

Hunter X Hunter

A boy aged 12 years named Gon Freecss, and trying to meet up with his father, Ging Freecss. Ging is a Hunter, Hunter is the one who got the rights to do anything anywhere.

However, to meet her father, he must be a hunter first. And he had to pass some test to be able to become a hunter.

Tokyo Ghoul

A normal young man named Kaneki are in love with a beautiful woman who turned out to be a Ghoul.

During nighttime, he was almost killed by the female Ghoul. But it turns out they both were hit by huge iron thus until both of them were seriously injured and should in operation.

Kaneki are critical times, the doctor helped him are forced by taking body parts from the ghoul in the move to body Kaneki.

After that, he became a man half ghoul and began to see the dark side of the city.

Accel World

A young boy named Haruyuki Arita always bullied by friends. He was not able to with his life and was embarrassed by the situation. He can go through all of that with how to play virtual games.

Haruyuki life changed when Kuroyukihime, the most popular girl in school to introduce her mysterious program called Brain Burst and virtual reality World called Accel World.

Guilty Crown

The story is set in Tokyo in the year 2039. After a mysterious virus outbreak exposed "Lost Christmas" in the year 2029, Japan was under the control of the Organization among countries named as GHQ.

Ouma Shu students aged 17 years who have psychic power in his right hand. He could use "the power of the King" to pick up equipment or weapons of the human body. He got the strength of a medication given by Inori Yuzuriha.

Ouma's life began to change gradually.

One Punch Man

A Superhero named Saitama has the ability deadly blows. It was so incredible getting his shot, he was able to finish off the giant monsters just with one blow.

With the Saitama plain look and bald made him the very funny and enough to whisk you belly.

Mob Psycho 100

A Junior Highs school boy named Shigeo Kageyama aka Mob who has psychic powers. Since childhood, he can bend spoons and move objects with his mind, but he's less able to control his powers.

He wants to be friends with a girl in his class named Tsubomi. Under the guidance of  teacher  (which actually does not have psychic powers), he leading a daily life and trying to find the meaning of his existence in the world.

This anime also became one of the anime action.


A former samurai named Sakata Gintoki. Now the world is banning people for using the samurai, Gintoki this should look for another job.

Gintoki eventually preferring to be a freelancer who takes any kind of job. However, due to an invasion of alien nation and weak rule of the shogun when. A former samurai Gintoki has to go back to fight against the aliens.

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That's some of the best action anime that you can watch.